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Trojan.Floxif attached to legit version of CCleaner

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I have Malwarebytes Premium installed on my PC and I am wondering how it became infected with a Trojan virus called Trojan.Floxif and why Malwarebytes didn't detect it?
I understand it is from downloading the legit version of CCleaner, but surely Malwarebytes should have detected it before it could infect my computer?

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24 minutes ago, Dee0900 said:

What good is creating a detection after the fact? It's a bit late after someone's system and personal data has been compromised.

You are correct and we all feel that same frustration .

Alas that is the ongoing problem which is industry wide. In this instance the whole industry was caught out by this trusted chain hack.

Unfortunately it is an ongoing game of cat and mouse where the bad actors always get to go first. We all can try to develope new technologies to mitigate risk against  attacks but still as of yet there is no mythical silver bullet that can protect 100% on every potential attack scenario.


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