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Spyware on MacBook air

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Sorry if this has been covered I am not very knowledgeable with tech stuff. I am sure someone is monitoring my computer, not because I have delusions of being interesting but to deliberately hurt me. Recently my monero account was fully withdrawn (can't be traced) I never stored the 12 word pass phrase. 

Anyhow this is what happens. My machine is weeks old. Runs very slow. I have reinstalled several times, doesn't fix. I have all sharing disabled firewall set to not accept any incoming and I still get like logs stating remote usuage with phrases " not permissible but done anyway or transferred anyway. 

I tried dual booting unbuto and wiped my OS sierra completely on accident. In the process, wifi stopped working and I had connect my iPhone to my wireless, which I have never done before and use as hotspot - for all of ten minutes, the next day I had springboard app with a white icon on my two month old phone- apple says this is jail broken and I lost my warranty. 

Also, I had to reinstall my OS completely from scratch and within minutes of installing, Remote Desktop client started to update and all the weirdness continues. Total Av doesn't find anything. Apple tells me this is not possible, but I know it's happening. Can anyone tell me what this could be and how can I stop it?

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First of all you should probably stop using your Mac and notify local authorities so that your computer can be examined by a certified computer forensic examiner to help determine who is behind all this, since you seem to be convinced that you are actually a victim of identity theft.

If that's not your objective and you haven't found anything after running Malwarebytes for Mac, then this isn't really the right place to get additional help. I recommend you visit the MacBook Air section of the Apple Support Community Forum where you'll get many more fellow users to help troubleshoot the issue. Be sure to give a very detailed description of what you are experiencing without spending time conjecturing that it involves spyware.

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