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bittorrent download block

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Nah, I'm bumping this back up, you'll see why in a second.

"Many users have come to understand that torrents are one of the top sources of malware intrusion." -> so you've chosen to block a legitimate program.

I do not use MBAM because I'm an idiot, I use it because it does its job - that is, to find and remove malware on my system. I stop using programs when they unreasonably and intentionally interfere with my computing. I've respected MBAM for a long time, and I've honestly avoided the increasing number of website blocks that I've seen, until this. I'm shocked and disappointed that the MBAM team have decided that they have the right to regulate legitimate web connections, and unfortunately doing it once, means you're willing to do it multiple times.

I've uninstalled MBAM, I will not be reinstalling. I've seen AVG fall from grace, Microsoft extort customers, Apple build a cult, but I've honestly never been disappointed in a company as I am after this; your program is meant to block Malicious intent, and please tell me how easy it is to add an exception, I'm aware, but there are a lot of people who trust that when your "MBAM Has blocked this site" comes up - it's because that site is Malicious.

Rant over, Software uninstalled. I doubt I matter to you, but dear god, I hope at least someone in your team is ashamed at your choices.

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I'm not sure what original thread you're linking from, but we don't block all torrent connections. We block sites based on their activity, and remove sites when they properly rectify whatever issues they were blocked for. I use torrents at home with MB3 running all the time, and while I get an occasional block that one of the peers was blocked, most peer sites work fine.

Can you link to the post you're responding to and I'll see if there's some clarifications that need to be made?

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