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Black Screen Of Death after forced shutdown/updates


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I read the faq/posting instructions but can't access anything/desktop/etc to download/run any of the programs or access any info...

I have a win10 toshiba laptop...and was trying different things to try to fix the max disk 100% issue I'm always having to no avail. 

Updated some drivers, updated a registry file, which I later edited back via access my hd thru the 'hd sucker outer thing' I plugged into a secondary computer to poke around with.

Was running scan disc after a restart and it just hung and hung and huuuuuuuuuuuuung at (I think it was) 14% and I just got so sick of it I forced a shutdown via the power button and now when I push the power button it does not click on like usual but takes a good many seconds and then seems to turn on, but doesn't go anywhere...I here it whirring and the indicator lights are on but the screen is totally black.

As noted above I have one of those hard drive things that plug into it so you can see all your folders on another computer...not sure what they are called...and all my stuff is backed up in dropbox so no worries there and I've been needing a new udgraded laptop anyways, but I would rather not lose this laptop if possible.


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I'd suggest trying Startup Repair from installation media:

You can download the Media Creation Tool and W10 from here:  https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10

Boot from it by tapping F12 when the computer first starts.
On the 2nd screen there's a link to "Repair This Computer" in the lower left
Try that (Startup Repair) at least 3 times, rebooting between each attempt.

If that doesn't work, then post back for some more detailed suggestions.
Good luck!

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Thanks but I dont know how I would download that on my laptop I get nothing but a black screen when I power it on.

I tried restarting it and tapping f12, amd the other f buttons but no difference.

I cant get it to come up on a secondary display either when I plug in my external monitor.

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Do you get anything on the screen?  If not, then there's not much that we can do here.
I'd suggest posting in a hardware-type forum for further suggestions.
As MalwareBytes doesn't seem to have a hardware forum - I'd suggest:    http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/f/7/internal-hardware/


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