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used up limit of Activation code for purchase

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Hi, I have had a Toshiba Satellite laptop for nearly 12 years and this year following my automatic re-payment for the new year in June 2017 of Malwarebytes, the computer decided to blue screen. I had to re-install from the windows CD several times before getting it back up then it blue screened again. I had to go and purchase a new computer, with windows 10 and retire my windows 7 Toshiba laptop. But when I went to install then activate the new malwarebytes on my new computer, i was issued an error code saying that I had used the number of times that code can be used. I have sent in several tickets and have not received any response. I have only had the new laptop since labor day and June 2017 was my purchase on the credit card debited. I am really needing a resolution. I live alone and have no family it is only me living in my apartment and only the one laptop which is now stable so I don't anticipate a blue screen event. Can anyone help advise me?

Thank you gunni 55

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I see and understand the need for Malwarebytes to have a limit on using the activation code. To keep people from giving out free paid anti malwarebytes, but in my case it was my old computer just hoping that it would keep working but it was just continuing to blue screen and I was forced to go out and buy a new computer. I had been using Windows 7 and had a disk, but the new computers come with windows 10 which I wanted to avoid. But, it will have to do. Meanwhile I had to find a way to get use of the rest of my purchased Malwarebytes product for this new computer. I am so glad for this forum to go to and find help and someone to talk to. :)

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Hello @gunni55 I'm sorry for the delay but with the Texas and Florida disasters the Helpdesk is really backed up at the moment. I've replied to your PM. Please follow-up with me there and we'll try and get things resolved for you as quickly as we can.

Thank you



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