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Anti-Exploit not allowing us to add exception for false positive

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Today there was an update (not sure but it seems it was an Office Update) that made a plugin from Box (Box for Office is the plugin) throw this error in anti exploit: Exploit code executing from Heap memory blocked. 

Both Word and Excel throw this error and if I disable the Box add-in, the programs are allowed to open.  I can't add an exception because it never gets that far.  Can you patch this?  If not, what do I have to uncheck on the management console in policy so we can use word and excel again with the Box add-in?



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Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.zip

Basically, after a windows or office patch, this particular user cannot open word or excel because anti-exploit will pop up and give the "Exploit code executing from Heap memory blocked."

When we try to open word or excel again, it says there's a problem with a plug in (box for office) and if we disable it, we can then open word or excel without anit-exploit giving the error. 
We've been running all our computers with box for office for a couple years now and this is the only time we've had this issue.  I haven't seen this on anyone else's computer either so either no one else did the patch yet, or it's a problem only on her computer.



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  • Staff

Hey Heliae,


That is odd, I would assume you would be seeing it more in your environment. Based on the logs, it does look like a memory error that some addons cause. I want to have you try a build on her machine to see if it fixes the issue. This build can be found here:


If that does not fix it, then we may need to run a debug build. Let me know how that build does as we will be deploying that build out to everyone soon. 


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