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[resolved] New version does not work with XP

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I had the same problem with the new version and windows XP,  It locked up the internet. Programs were in conflict with this new version. Aftermany hours of fustration, I deleted malwarebytes. It was the only way to get  my PC back to where programs worked and I could get to the internet. This new version needs to be fixed to work with windows XP.   I have paid for registration for 3 PCs and had to delete malwarebytes to get the computers working. Malwarebytes folks did not test their new version with Windows XP.Someone needs to correct this big problem.

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4 minutes ago, wirelessGuy said:

I had the same problem

1 hour ago, AdvancedSetup said:

If you like I can help you to get Malwarebytes 3 installed and working. Version 3 has much more protection than our 2.x product so I would highly recommend that you run that, especially on Windows XP which also is no longer supported by Microsoft for any security updates or exploits.

If you'd like to work with me on this please let me know

Thank you





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  • Root Admin

Malwarebytes 3 is working just fine on Windows XP - there is a known issue with our self-protection module that we're working on a fix for, but otherwise the program works just fine.

As you can see below here is a screen shot of it running on my Windows XP system. It has completed a scan, it's been rebooted and there are no errors or issues with Malwarebytes 3.2.2 running on XP.



To disable the self-protection module please go to Settings > Protection > then scroll down and uncheck "Enable self-protection module".
You should not need to restart, but I would recommend you restart the computer.



You can download the latest installer for Malwarebytes 3 from >>HERE<<

If you're still having issues then please follow these directions and create your own new topic (please don't reply to other users topic) and upload the requested log files and someone will assist you.


If you only want the free version and do not want the Trial, please open Malwarebytes and go to Settings > My Account > click on the "Deactivate Premium Trial" - no reboot is required.



As I am helping this user already offline, I will go ahead and close this topic now.

Thank you



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