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disable before migrating to new computer?

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I've heard that if you get a new computer, antivirus programs should often be disabled before using Migration Assistant to transfer data to the new computer, because antivirus programs could interfere with the transfer. Is that true for Malwarebytes for Mac as well, now that it has real-time protection; i.e., should it be disabled before migrating to a new computer?

Thank you!

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I always recommend using Setup Assistant, which is used immediately after the installer finishes before anything else is running for such transfers. It uses Migration Assistant to transfer data to avoid any problems with all 3rd party software as well as permission issues which sometimes arise with user data.

That said, I doubt that Malwarebytes Real-Time Protection would do anything other than stop any malware that was present on the old computer from being transferred, but haven't tried myself. It doesn't block anything but Mac malware using it's current capabilities.

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  • Staff

Malwarebytes for Mac should not interfere in any way, unless you had it installed on the new computer, and you had malware installed on the old computer that Setup Assistant tried to copy over. In that case, the real-time protection - if turned on - would block the copying of such files, but otherwise should not interfere. Malwarebytes on the old computer would not be an issue at all.

If the old computer is clean, and Malwarebytes doesn't detect anything there, you should be fine. But if you're worried about it, turn off real-time protection on the new computer before doing the migration, then turn it back on and do a scan afterwards.

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