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I'm the owner of a blocked gTLD, as seen in this thread.


I wrote the site myself, using a bit of assistance from a pre-made template. At one point, the entire site was hosted on a .com domain, which was never blocked.


The url is


-- my other domain (which no longer has the same site layout) is


 -- If you to ping these two, they come up as the same IP address.

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Wow, I'm really not going to get any help from you guys aren't I?

I understand how to unblock it. Kind of had to in order to develop the whole website and whatnot....


The point is, you guys are blocking traffic to my website for no reason, and I'm requesting it to be unblocked. You guys can review other websites, but just say screw off to .stream domains? That's a terrible way to run a business, and I'll be looking for some new anti-malware software really soon, apparently.

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