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Internet Explorer history and cookies


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I have been attempting to clean off cookies and history that keeps showing up when I use CCleaner in between Malwarebytes daily scan.
I have nothing open using Internet Explorer yet I see cookies and history that shows up when I clean the laptop.
I can't open Internet Explorer to check settings for history or cookies. I know sometime ago I had set it to delete history upon closing.
I just can't figure out what is using Internet Explorer and concerned something seems to be running and using it.
Nothing shows up amiss with Malyware Byte scans either.

I'd appreciate any ideas or help.



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This is a question that gets asked all the time on the Piriform forum.



Even though you are not using Internet Explorer other Microsoft, and third party, programmes use it's temporary folders all the time.

(eg. Edge, Skype, Office, Defender, etc., etc. all use the IE temporary file locations, as well as their own).

So if there is stuff there to clean then CCleaner will do so, unless you untick the IE boxes or make the files/folders and exception.

If you 'Analyse' in CC you will see a list of the locations where it has found stuff to clean.

Double click on any of these and it will give you a list of the files it has found and will remove from that location, which may help you see what programme has put them there.

(Or may not, some of the temporary filenames can be pretty obscure).


PS. I also never use IE and have unticked 'History' in the CCleaner IE section, because it was taking a long time even though there is never any history to clean.

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