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MB 3.2 upgrade deletes MB3 on XP

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I have a lifetime licence for Malwarebytes, and have been running MB Premium v.3.1 (without any other AV) on my old XP/sp3 for some time now without any problems. Tonight I got an alert that MB v.3.2 was ready to install, which I thought odd since I hadn't downloaded the newer version. But I figured maybe they were pushing out automatic downloads.

Anyways, I accepted the install, which ran partways then threw up an error code (sorry I didn't copy it) and offered me the option to click OK or Cancel. I clicked OK, whereupon I got an alert to restart to complete the installation. So I restarted, and found no copy of any version of MB installed, an alert from Windows Security Center that I had no AV protection, and an empty Malwarebytes folder in C:\Program Files.

So I reinstalled v.3.1, had to re-enter my ID and key codes, and things are back to the status quo ante. I ran a Threat Scan which, as always, detected nothing.

Just an FYI. Looks like v.3.2 isn't ready for prime time, at least for XP. I also have lifetime licences for Win 7 and Win 10 PCs, which have not offered an upgrade to v.3.2 yet. Which is OK with me!

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Thanks Telos.

Manually downloading version updates has always been my preference. When all is well, I usually wait a few weeks after a release to do it that way to avoid bugs the beta testers missed. But I see that the default in MB 3 settings in all my PCs is set to automatically download/install version updates, which I suppose explains this download. I have turned this option off on all my machines.

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