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System Restore Gives Malwarebytes Error Message

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When trying to use System Restore, I got the following error message: "System Restore did not complete successfully. Your computer's system files and settings were not changed.  Details:  System Restore failed to extract the file (C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware) from the restore point. The restore point was damaged or deleted during the restore.  You can try System Restore again and use a different Restore Point.  If you continue to see this error, you can try an advanced recovery method, etc."

Does anyone know what to do to get my System Restore up and working again?  I've tried 2 different Restore Points, and keep getting this same message.  Need help!!!  :(

I've used Malwarebytes and my computer comes up clean.  Also checked my other malware program,  and my anti-virus program, both of which come up clean!



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In my experience system restore does not go so smoothly with Malwarebytes.  It usually corrupts the install of Malwarebytes and I have to reinstall it after.  What I do when I have to do a system restore is: I deactivate my copy of MB3, uninstall it, do my system restore, then re-install MB3 and make sure its activated.  

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Thank you so very much Firefox...uninstalling Malwarebytes, and trying a System Restore again, worked like a charm!  I've now reinstalled my earlier version of MB,  it automatically updated it for me, and I'm good to go again.  I'll most certainly keep in mind that one may have to uninstall it before attempting a System Restore if I get that same "no complete restore" message again as it relates to Malwarebytes!



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