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I have MB3 always running.

Typing fidelity401k into the search bar redirected to fiedelity.com . I should have entered 401k.com, but I don't appreciate the suspicious misdirect.

Trying to go back in the browser it ended up at either clickvalidator.net or btnativedirect.com or searchnet.com

It seems I should get a warning from Malwarebytes.

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I checked and 401k.com and fidelity.com are actually the same site, so I suspect they simply changed their domain to fidelity.com deliberately and redirect any traffic coming to their server from the old domain name to their new site much as we do with malwarebytes.com whenever someone attempts to visit our old malwarebytes.org web address so you should be safe as far as that goes.  With regards to the other pages, the first one appears to be a bot trap for thwarting bots being used for generating ad revenue so I'm not sure why your PC ended up there, though it may have been because of something unique about your setup that triggered one of its heuristic flags for detections but it doesn't appear to be malicious at all as far as I can tell.  I'm not sure about the other two as the second is no longer accessible as far as I can tell and the third wouldn't show up for me so I don't know what's going on there.

As far as Malwarebytes goes, we currently do not specifically target in-browser behavioral techniques beyond detecting browser exploits, though as mentioned above we do block known malicious sites including those used for hosting malware, scams, phishing and other illegal types of sites that might do harm to a Malwarebytes customer.

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13 hours ago, ArnoldLayne56 said:

Typing fidelity401k into the search bar redirected to fiedelity.com

Hi - thanks for your testing and response. Notice the spelling I used, I should have made it more explicit - "f i e delity.com"  which would be bogus. That was in Chrome browser and I since turned of the auto - suggestion when typing in the address bar. I had never heard of clickvalidator.net but I suppose it must not technically be a malware site. I see that I did recently download an NCH Software product and Googling around it looks like they may be a bit sneaky with advertising exploits. I will uninstall it... thanks again. I had posted my scan results but maybe you have deleted that post.

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Ah, I see, yeah, that's definitely not good then.  I'll submit that URL to our web research team to add it to the block database if it's a scam page which it very well may be.

I didn't delete any posts myself, but it's possible one of the other admins or mods did for some reason.

Please let us know if there's anything else we can do to help, and thanks for making us aware of this bogus site.

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