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Does Malwarebytes offer an internet security program?


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On 9/8/2017 at 9:39 PM, joshkmartinez said:

Does Malwarebytes offer an internet security program? If not which do you recommend?

Technically speaking, no, however much like most software which uses the title "Internet Security" Malwarebytes 3 does consist of multiple layers of protection designed to stop malicious activity and to keep the system it's installed on safe and free of infections including Exploit Protection, Malicious Website Blocking, Malware Protection which consists of both standard malware signatures as well as several different types of heuristics algorithms and detection methods, and Ransomware Protection which uses both signatures as well as behavior based detection methods to detect ransomware and we're always working on new components to add whenever we see the need.  As far as I know most Internet Security products only differ from traditional antivirus in that they include a firewall (many would argue the firewall built into Windows Vista and newer is more than adequate), parental controls (also built into Windows or may be installed through Windows Update by installing the "Windows Live Essentials" I believe) and sometimes some additional protection from scams/phishing (which Malwarebytes already has thanks to our Malicious Website Blocking component).

Then of course there's our scan engine which includes not only standard malware signatures and heuristics much like our Malware Protection component, but also has Anti-Rootkit capabilities to detect hidden rootkit infections and to remove them, a set of system component repair capabilities which it uses to fix critical system components when they have been damaged by a rootkit known to create such damage, and a special heuristics detection technology called Linking which uses detections during a scan to locate other components of the infection which might not have been detected by other components such as loading points used for running the malware at startup, other files and folders which are part of the infection, and other registry keys/values which are part of the infection meaning a single object detected during a scan could actually end up leading to many detections, all of which will be listed for removal/remediation once the scan completes.  Additionally, our remediation technology itself uses DOR, or Delete On Reboot technology to thoroughly eliminate all detected malware from the scan during the next system restart to ensure that even active/locked threats get removed completely.

Was there a particular feature common to Internet Security programs that you desire which you feel would be beneficial to add to Malwarebytes?  If so, please let me know and I'll suggest it to the Product team.

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