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Malwarebytes won't display

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Hello, I updated from a previous version, and malwarebytes will not display on my screen when I click the shortcut, and does not display in the system tray. I have tried reinstalling it about a dozen times, and it will not display on my screen. I went back to an older version and, and everything works, but it bugs me to update every time I go to desktop, and I find this annoying. I tried updating again tonight (problem has been going on for a few weeks now) hoping that there was a new version that would work, but it doesn't.

I downloaded the mbchecker, and ran with the program uninstalled, and it said there was an older version and some files were still there, I manually removed all of the files and reinstalled the latest version. It sort of worked, (icon was in the tray, but window still wouldn't come up) so I restarted my pc again and now it's back to not showing up in the tray and no windows come up when I click the shortcut. I used the mbchecker again and it says the program is running, I just can't interact with it in any way. The program also shows up in my task manager, but I cannot bring it to front.


Normally I wouldn't put up with problems like this and would just uninstall it and leave it, but this program picks up stuff my other two programs miss (and they get stuff this one misses).


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Can you please try this:

1. In the safe mode open up Malwarebytes UI and turn on Root-kit scanning.

2. Run a threat scan. This will take care of any possible infections.

3. After the clean up, restart your computer in the normal mode and you should be able to run Malwarebytes again.

Can you please let me know if this worked?

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