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Audio Driver gone after quarantine


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I ran Malwarebytes and it detected 3 "rootkits" as malware. I went ahead and quarantined them and now, my audio drivers don't work. I followed some of the information from this post:

I ran sfc /scannow, saved the text file, and did a restart. Nothing seems to be working. If there's something else I'm missing, please help!

Thanks in advance! :)


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Thank you! :)

Trying to find workarounds and other solutions to this has been a task in itself! Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything. 

In Device Manager, my audio drivers are currently labeled, "High Definition Audio Driver." Windows Store didn't seem to find the matching driver. If you've got some advice or tricks I haven't tried, I certainly welcome them. :)

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Sorry for the delay TechGirl. Regarding the corrupt drmk.sys file that cannot be repaired using SFC, follow the instructions below.

myjIXnC.pngSFCFix - Fix Time

WARNING! The following fix is specific to the user's system in this thread. No one else should follow the instructions below to apply that fix, as it could damage your system. If you need assistance with an issue, please start a new thread and someone will assist you shortly.

Follow the instructions below to download and execute a SFCFix fix, and provide the log.

  • Download SFCFix and move the executable on your Desktop;
  • Download the attached SFCFix.zip and move the archive to your Desktop;
    Note: Make sure that the file is named SFCFix.zip, do not rename it.
  • Save any work you have open, and close every programs;
  • Drag the SFCFix.zip archive file over the SFCFix.exe executable and release it;
  • SFCFix will launch, let it complete;
  • Once done, a file will appear on your Desktop, called SFCFix.txt;
  • Open the file, then copy and paste its content in your next reply;

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No problem, Aura! :)

I tried several workarounds that I thought seemed logical, such as treating my audio system as legacy hardware, and choosing a signed driver that way. Didn't quite work as I thought. So much for logic! I tried a few other things too, but that seemed to be futile. Oh well.

I tried that SFCFix and here's the text file.

Thanks again!



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