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Update Reverts to Freeware need help

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1. This may sound trivial to you all but it's become a huge headache.  Does the Lifetime or Never expires version of MWB allow more than one computer?

Because that has been my impression for some time.

2. I had been innocently moving along when I got that orange flag of mischief and clicked update- only to be rewarded with the MWB Free version and no way to activate my license.

3. Working with support I have, for now, MWB Premium but my account says things like Lifetime, etc.

4. The MWB I had before old orange took it away was not lifetime.  I needed to have more than one computer on it.

5. No matter what I do, I can't seem to get this resolved.  And if I'm paying for a service, which I have been for some time, I want that service.  Getting the Lifetime on there might be one fix, but it's not the account I'm supposed to have.

6. And I have called Cleverbridge

So, either there has been a change to the lifetime/never expires limitations, or my account is reverting back to a very old one I had six years ago and counting, with another product in between.

Thanks for any help

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Thanks a bunch nikhils.  I have talked at length to a different Cleverbridge support person and part of this is unraveling.

He sent me copies of three accounts.  Two are lifetime, and one is for 3 PC's. 

At this point I'm trying to insure we don't have two computers able to use one of the lifetimes.  Have to get information back on that from the person who has that computer.  I think he got zapped with the OBOM (orange box of mischief) too.  He got it up and running last night but I have to verify the key he used.

Six years ago, looks like two lifetimes were purchased.  I had forgotten about it until the orange box of mischief threw things into never-never land.

So, finally getting a Cleverbridge support person on the phone to dig gives some explanation as to why all the info I had on the account was old, from 2011.

But does not explain why that seems to be the ONLY account info coming up.


However, I am befuddled why Malwarebytes Support seems to only be looking at the liftetime license.  Because the one I was using that got zapped was the PC-3 license.  That lifetime hasn't been used, updated, anything since probably two years ago. 

So I could send a key but it would be which one? 


I think the problem lies with not getting complete account information and if MWB Support can't see all the accounts.  Because both Cleverbridge and MWB were responding to only the one license- when there are apparently three.

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  • Root Admin

Hello @Nosync

If you're still having issues, please send me a private message with all your purchase information and all your licenses and I will check on it and help you get is sorted out.

Cleverbridge does not provide any support, only purchase information.

Thank you




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I may do that.  I'm currently working with support to verify THEY see 3 licenses in their records.  Right now, I've gotten a response that they see 2.

Could be any reason at the moment support only responded with 2, so I've sent back a request and will see what they say.

But thanks Advanced Setup, I may have to do that.

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