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"Software Restriction Policy" Issue on WinXP

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My PC runs Windows XP Professional SP3 and Malwarebytes 3.2.2.  Trying to install Mozilla Firefox 52.3, while running the installation exe file, after the files are extracted but before  the installer begins, I get the error message “Windows cannot open this program because it has been prevented by a software restriction policy.  For more information open Event Viewer…”.

Is this error message the result of Malwarebytes 3.2.2 setting a software restriction policy?  I am using the default settings in Malwarebytes 3.2.2.

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3 minutes ago, Chas1951 said:

I am using the default settings in Malwarebytes 3.2.2.

Can you please open the program, go to Settings > Protection > and scroll down a little and uncheck the "self-protection module"

Then restart the computer and try again and let me know if that helps

Thank you

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Thank you Porthos, I did disable "self-protection module", rebooted, and tried again to run the Firefox installer.  I got the same error message about software restriction policy (SRP).  Looking at the Event Viewer, I saw that the policy rule ID was the same as it was before.  What is strange is that in my Local Security Settings, under SRP there is no policy defined.  Is there another place to look for this policy rule ID.  So can I assume that Malwarebytes is not causing this issue?

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@Porthos,  I just selected "Quit MB" which removed it from the Tool Tray.  I reran the Firefox installer but got the same error message.

@nikhils, I have looked at the linked article and this looks very promising, as this is not the first installation/update issue my XP has experienced lately.  I will follow those instructions and report back.  Thanks!

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@nikhils, I reviewed the article on the Sophos website and the Microsoft article linked therein.  They refer to Windows security update KB2918614 and this MS article displays the dozens of Windows OS products this applies to, and Windows XP is not included.  I looked at my Windows Updates service to determine which updates have been applied to my XP and KB2918614  is not listed.  In the MS article it gives instructions for modifying the registry, provided you know the ProductCode per the MSI log, but my XP virtually has no such logs so I don't know what the ProductCode value is for the Firefox installation.  Perhaps there are similar articles regarding XP, but I suspect this is an issue that MS is not supporting for XP.  Thank you for the effort.

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