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Malwarebytes - uninstalled without my knowledge!?

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I have a bad habit of leaving my computer on overnight because I want to come back to what I was working on the next morning.  But my computer goes into sleep mode after the timeout and usually there is no problem.  Sometimes things start to go a bit wonky and I have to restart - but after all - it is Windows!

But this morning something very different!  When I woke my computer up, first of all, my VPN software said that it had crashed and it wanted me to send the crash log - done.  So I decided that I would shut the windows I had open and restart the computer.  After restarting, I noticed that all of my usual startup programs had loaded normally (including my VPN and virus/firewall software - McAfee), but Malwarebytes had not loaded.  Once in a while, for some strange reason this happens and I have to load it manually.  So I went to load it manually, but could not find it in my programs list form the start menu.  So I opened control panel > programs and features.  Malwarebytes did not appear in there at all!  Somehow, it was uninstalled.  Could it be that McAfee uninstalled it, notwithstanding that I had entered the MBam*.* files as exclusions in McAfee scan settings?

I am currently running a McAfee full scan, which has found (and fixed) 5 issues.  What those issues are I don't know because McAfee does not say while it continues to scan.  Perhaps once the scan is complete (I'm around 67% now) it might provide more detail in the log file(s).

Has anyone else ever had this happen?  I thought McAfee and Malwarebytes played nice together in the sandbox - maybe I am wrong!



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Sorry I took so long to get back to you.  I was out of the office yesterday and left my computer scanning with McAfee.  I have attached both the results of your mb-check (Note:  mb-check was run after the McAfee scan was completed).  I hope this helps.  Meanwhile, I will now reinstall Malwarebytes and run a scan with it.  If it finds anything, I will let you know.

On 9/6/2017 at 1:54 PM, dcollins said:

Can you run mb-check from https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3_check and upload the log file it creates? This may give us an idea of what happened



2017-09-06 McAfee Scan log.pdf

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