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[resolved] help on 3.2.2 upgrade fail, not a techie

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I scanned through some posts here, but I'm pretty sure you're all speaking a language of which I have very limited knowledge. I'm not a techie, but I can follow instr. I need help from someone who can dial back on the geek speak. No offense meant. Just explain like I'm old...cuz I am.

I just tried to upgrade to Now there's no desktop icon or tray app icon. Also, no Malwarebytes listed in 'all programs'. Followed the setup wizard instr. exactly. Clicked yes via the restart question, but it didn't restart on its own. So I did a restart through the shut down options; also nothing. Then, tried to simply shut it down normally and start back up;  and, no joy. I have had Premium for a few yrs. Son got it for me, but doesn't live here anymore. Kinda stuck...

This is on Win XP SP3. I have what looks like a bit of limited info in a text file created in 2012, e.g., cleverbridge #, an ID, and a key. (?) All the rest of my Premium info was in acct. info through the now missing desktop shortcut icon. There's also a shortcut file (mbam.exe) in the folder with the text file. When I tried to open it I got a msg. window saying it has been changed or moved.

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re: Let's do the easy thing first.

Installed per your instr. The 3.2.2 installed successfully but, something is still hinky. For some reason I was then unable to connect to either Firefox or IE. Also the windows security icon in tray disappeared. I also kept getting error reporting msgs. from Norton. Didn't note them but I might be able to make it happen again to record them if need be. This is an old computer and I was under the impression that any of the Norton security protections would have stopped long ago. Windows Security page shows firewall on and auto updates on, for what they're worth in XP nowadays.

Ran an MBAM  scan in safe mode and also one in normal operation mode; nothing detected.Finally, I uninstalled MBAM and was able to reconnect to internet. So, here we are, now, with essentially no MBAM, not even previous version. Should I be deselecting windows firewall? What, if anything is up with Norton?

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