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Malwarebytes Not for home user of Server 2008 R2

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I am a purchaser of the original lifetime license of Malwarebytes Premium. The program notified me in version that I cannot install it on Server 2008 R2 due to "Support for Server Operating Systems is only available in Malwarebytes Business Products" . I am not using the Server 2008 R2 operating system under corporate/business prospects, however. I am using it as a home user because I do not like Windows 8/10 or even the home edition of Windows 7. Too much crapware. I simply want an operating system kernel to use as minimalist as possible and Server 2008 R2 is the last OS which does that, in my opinion. I do not want a Server OS with the Metro interface or a home user OS with the Metro interface.


It is unfortunate that the latest update targets customers who have a 'server' operating system without discretion of who they are.


I cannot get around the message by setting the compatibility mode to "Windows 7" or "Windows XP SP3", it seems your program actually has checks which actually determine the operating system. I also cannot extract the program using 7zip to get individual exploitable executables, your team is smart, very smart. I am not a reverse engineer/programmer so I cannot go beyond this point. It would be severely disappointing if your support team simply blows me off and copy+pastes a generic message/types a modern corporate entity-driven message saying that "I can continue to use the previous edition of Malwarebytes and continue to receive definition updates'. Are you really going to tell me that? Why? You cannot provide a valued legacy customer with a better solution?


Please actually talk to me as an individual instead of another drone to be robotically addressed with a copy+paste corporate message. I really, really respect your company and your product and will continue to respect you with the utmost importance if you respect me in the same manner in return. I do not want to have to classify my opinion of your company as a corporate modern inhuman entity that does not listen to their human individual customers' needs.


Thank you for your human time. I hope you are different.

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