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Hard drive wont let even BIOS boot


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I have a x99 Taichi Asrock motherboard and was using the latest paid and up to date Malwarebytes protection. The computer stopped booting last week. The debug LED showed a SATA error, If I reconnected more than 3 SATA drives on the motherboard with the boot drive, the computer froze and could not get to the Bios screen, you just get a beep. If I left the boot drive connected with 2 other drives or less, I could get to the BIOS screen, and Windows would work. I was told to RMA motherboard by Asrock, but I was impatient and bought another of the same, but I encountered a different problem. The boot drive would not let me even get to the Bios screen with this motherboard no matter which SATA socket I used alone. I then used my other computer using another copy of Malwarebytes, and Windows defender and they found nothing on the boot drive. So I bought a new drive of the same size (2TB) and cloned it with the boot hard drive because of all the stuff I have on it, with 2 partitions. I put in the new cloned drive by itself in the computer, and it froze also, you cannot get to the BIOS screen. I then formatted only the boot partition and put it back into the computer and I can get to the BIOS screen. There is something on that hard drive that can't be detected. After I'll finish installing everything back with a clean Win 10 Pro, I was going to format and make the old drive a backup boot clone drive, and  I wanted to know if you guys wanted to see what is on this hard drive that nothing is detecting that won't let you boot, or a max of 3 SATA drives. The bad drive I did not hook it up inside of the other computer, I used a USB 3 adapter. Thanks for any help. I've never had a problem like this before, I swore it was the MB also.    

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