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Malwarebytes: Bundle or Base?

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Thank you.  I don't like the policy, it doesn't encourage me to buy the product.  But it isn't your fault.  :)

So does the business licensing work the same?  It says 1 to 99 computers, but no business will ever have a stagnant pool of computers.  They will always be coming and going and needing more copies of Malwarebytes.

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2 hours ago, FatBear said:

Can I buy 6 licenses right now and then switch the other computers to these new licenses as I have the time and access?

No. Otherwise, one would buy a multi-license pack and use it back to back. The 6 licenses would each expire one year from the first activation. This is common to most software programs, For example, I have a 1-year multi-computer license for Kaspersky AV. I installed the second license 6 months after the first. That second license had 6 months remaining at the time of its installation.

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@FatBear, for licensing questions it would probably be best if you contacted them directly.  They may even be able to help you combine your all your license into one pool... but that can only be addressed through support.

Contact Malwarebytes Support Link


@bdubrow or @celee would have the best answers for you

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@FatBear thanks for joining the Malwarebytes Forums!

If you are looking to add additional seats for your business, please contact your sales rep and they can add additional seats to your licenses.

For combining or adding additional PCs to your home version of Malwarebytes, please use the link @Firefox provided above to contact our support team and they can help come up with a solution for you.

Please be aware that there will be some delay in our support team's response due to the hurricane in Florida (more info here: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/210149-support-alert-hurricane-irma/?tab=comments#comment-1161732)


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