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Problems with Malwarebytes Uninstall

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I posted here sometime ago regarding our grandson's Polatab 10 Tablet.

The tablet has been constantly having issues of unwanted ads appearing and the browser opening by itself, some of the content relates to games and apps ect but occasionally Porn has appeared! Very unwanted and unsavoury as this is intended for a 10year old.

I decided to try and sort out the problems again and installed Mbam from the Playstore. Managed to remove some of the nasties and get a little more control back of the device but still left with files/folders that will not remove XXXX and YYYY.

Mbab is constantly highlighting the two items as needing removal so decided to uninstall mbab and try another tack. Unfortunately Mbam will not now uninstall! There is no option to uninstall within the Mbam app and the Uninstall button via settings > applications is greyed out as is the Stop. All so tried going into the play store and hitting the Deactivate option but this made no difference at all. Is there a clean up tool for Mbam on Android available anyway. I see there is for Windows and other O/S's but cant see one for Android.

Only option I can now think of is a factory reset, which will again mean all the Malware being reinstalled and having to start again with a comprosed Tablet.

Any advise please?


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There are a couple of ways to uninstall MB for Android given in the FAQ's

It notes in both that the 'Uninstall' button will be greyed out if you have Device Administration turned on, and you have to turn it off to uninstall.


If you have Device Administration turned on, you will see the uninstall button grayed out.
You will need to turn it off before you can proceed. Use the instructions in our article "How-To: Turn off Device Administration" for instructions on how to perform this action.




The first article in the FAQs tells you how to turn off Device Administration:


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