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Full scan taking very short time ?

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Hello, MB developers and community.

I want to say thank you for creating your program as I have always been using it for years and I never had any issues with it. It was always quick to detect fishy files and sites and always helping me make my PC safe. I have to apologize for not showing my gratitude earlier :)

I wanted to ask you, is it normal for a full scan to take a very short time to complete (<5 min.) ? I recently did a "Custom Scan", with both my SSD and HDD drives selected (MB is installed on 250GB SSD where OS is along with any programs with 129GB used, and HDD is 1TB where all of my video games are installed with 580GB used) after always scanning through "Threat Scan". I don't know why, but it seems like it should take a lot longer to scan in total 709GB. Everything was checked once I checked both of the drives, and "Scan for rootkits" was also selected.

Any opinions on this ?

Thanks in forward, and thanks again for your wonderful program.

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In the U.S. this is a Monday Holiday weekend and there surely is reduced staff / volunteers.

Ver ... My app Scanned 454,000 files in 27.5 min.

A Macrium Image totals 110.7 GB.

Take a quick Look at your Settings to confirm some TYPES of files are not UN-chk'd.

Otherwise, somebody will show up asap.

Post your Ver IF not up-to-date.

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