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DOD Computer Screens Found on TV


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I was recording a TV show and while I was watching the show at the same time I saw a “blue blip” on my screen. It happened in a flash, if I was not looking at the TV or blinked I would have missed it. When I saw this blue thing flash on my screen I said “what the hell was that?” I went back in my recording and found graphics from the Department of Defense with computer programming. I recorded the TV show “Whispers” on August 3, 2015 at 10:01pm on channel 104 KOMOD TV14, season 1 episode 9. Can anyone tell me if these DOD screens look familiar?

I called my cable provider Comcast and was transferred to their security analyst. This call to Comcast was also strange; I explained what happened and emailed him screenshots and asked him “what the hell is this? Have you seen this before?” He was amazed as much as I was and he was concerned, he said in an unsettled voice “I have never seen anything like this, this is very strange”. He said he wants to show it to his senior analyst, his top guy. He said he would call me back after speaking with him.

The strange thing about this call was he called me back really quick, like three minutes and said “it’s part of the show”. I said “no its not, I looked at the original show again on HBO and the blue DOD computer screen was not there, it’s only on my copy I recorded. He repeated “It’s was part of the show” and we shortly ended the call. I thought “how could he have spoken to someone about this, they would have to pull-up the specific episode and look for the blue flash in the show. Do all that and call me back in three minutes? I don’t think so.

I am really curious if anyone can make any sense of these screen shots. Thanks.








IMG_0702 (2).JPG


IMG_0709 (2).JPG

IMG_0710 (2).JPG


IMG_0718 (2).JPG

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impossible...password is to short, or they would use a CAC card....fake.

what systems says "access granted"  they usually only will say "denied" if you get it wrong--people watching will see "granted" and expect something juicy and next level s@#%t

the stacked windows-- all the same repeated crap...pointless, but looks good for tv

Oooooooooo..."quantum"...sounds super secret....fake



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4 hours ago, Cleatus said:

impossible...password is to short, or they would use a CAC card....fake.

< snip >

the stacked windows-- all the same repeated crap...pointless, but looks good for tv

That is correct !

However if they were using a CAC or FIPS-201 compliant Federal PIV they would enter a PIN that would be shorter than a password and the dialogues would be associated with Pubic Key procedures.  Even the entity logo is wrong.  Most likely the dialogue would not show a DoD logo but a subordinate organizational logo such as;  DISA, DIA, Army, Navy, etc. and state that it is a Department of Defense Computer System and it would also state the system's classification level.


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