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Malwarebytes does not work with Kaspersky

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According to the Malwarebytes tech support people I have been working with, my Malwarebytes 3 license drops, because of Kaspersky Total Security.   I have been working with them for almost two months trying to get Malwarebytes to stop dropping the license, and they asked me to turn off several features of Kaspersky Total Security but nothing works.  They finally told me that I could keep only one of the two.  That was told to me by more than one tech trying to help me too.  Once I would get Malwarebytes to work, on the next reboot or two, it is no longer licensed.  Personally, I think the issue is with the way the check the license, but they say no, it is Kaspersky.  Note that I have the latest version of Malwarebytes as of September 1, 2017.  This issue started only after they upgraded to version 3.  Now that I have had so many emails with them, (they have been very helpful), I am giving up on my Malwarebytes paid product.  I will just use the free version since the license will not hold after the upgrade.   I think they should tell people that is does not work, or find a fix.  By the way, this happened with all three installs I have on Win 7, Win 8, Win 7 on a tablet.

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Here you go: Ticket #2017958 and #1384682  They should cover all of it.  My activation dropped and I placed a ticket that was closed when they fix it.  But then it dropped again back on June 27 I think.  Since then I have had many emails back and fourth with "Davide "(odd spelling) and "Andy".    By the way, since my  last support session, the licesne has dropped on my laptop too.  It has Win 8 and Kaspersky while my desktop has Win 7 and Kaspersky. 




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I have an update.  I did no think Kaspersky was the problem, but the techs keep saying it is and is why I posted this question/comment.  Then I uninstalled Kaspersky and Malwarebytes and installed Bitdefender and had the tech reset my license to Malwarebytes.  As soon as I rebooted Malwarebytes dropped the license again.  So after almost two months, I am still at square one.  My guess is the issue it with Deep Freeze which I use on my computer from time to time.  I noticed that the key drops after I come out of the frozen mode.  My guess is that since Malwarebytes is trying too hard to control the licenses and checking it every time I open it, the problem has to do with some check that is done when the system is frozen.  Once it is unfrozen, then the check is no longer there and Malwarebytes drops.  But that is just my guess.  I am open to ideas.

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Update - I was going to activate the product again since I had enabled logging and used your tool to uninstall and reinstall the program.  But it tells me I have used them all up, yet I only used the key one single time since Davide reset it for me.  This is getting really frustrating to deal with.  Why did it stop me after just one use?  That is hard to blame on anyone but Malwarebytes' way of checking in and counting and makes it difficult to continue to troubleshoot.  And no one has come up with any reason why it just keeps dropping.  

The reason I tried again, was to see if it dropped after rebooting a few times without using Deep Freeze.  But up to this point, I think it only happens after using DF.

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