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question about message from IP protection

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yesterday and today, I keep getting a message from my malwarebytes program.

"infection detected" and then an IP address, which changes each time (ie

this happens when I am connected to the internet. but I am only on 'yahoo' or other 'trusted' websites, nothing dodgy

overnight, I did a malwarebytes scan, spybot S&D scan and AVG virus scan.... each one is fully up to date, and each one showed nothing.

i have got the same 'infection detected' message twice this morning. yesterday it happened about 5 times, at random intervals between 10 minutes - 1 hour

the MWB logs dont show anything about this

1) Is this simply blocking an attempted intrusion?

2) why am I being targetted.. Is it something on my computer that is attracting this intrusion attempt (if so, why is this not showing on MWB, avg and spybot scans)?

3) if there is nothing on my computer already, why would this come up when i am doing nothing, except looking at yahoo news?

any suggestions would be welcome.... thank you

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The popup is a little misleading in that it does not mean you are infected, it simply means *something* was trying to connect to the IP that was blocked.

The IP you referenced, is registered to a Chinese owned range, so unless you're using a P2P program that connects to Chinese IP's, I'd be inclined to ask you to pop a log in the HJT forums.




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Been getting this too. Logging them by hand since I can't find any record in MWB

Here's the list so far

Attempt 1 1053 PM EST 8/5/09

inetnum: -

netname: BBTECH

descr: Japan nation-wide Network of SOFTBANK BB CORP

descr: Tokyo, Japan

Attempt 2 & 3 1054 PM EST 8/5/09

inetnum: -

netname: UNICOM-HL

country: CN

descr: China Unicom Heilongjiang province network

descr: China Unicom

Attempt 4 7:00AM 8/6/09

descr: China Unicom

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