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Version 3.2.2

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I have been a member for some years (since 2011) and in fact I am a life member.
At the end of June 2017, I installed version 3.1 and used it to scan my computer (a desktop with windows 10 installed).
(The installing of version 3.1 was smooth and trouble free.)

Today (31 August) I had a message from Malwarebytes that a new version was available and invited me to upgrade to version 3.2.

But when I proceeded to install, the blue strip showing progress of the installation didn't appear.
I had asked for the new Desktop icon to appear. It didn't turn up. But the previous icon (for vers 3.1) was no longer available.
So I couldn't figure out whether the new version was installed or not.
I next tried to contact support and but couldn't login. My email is and username is edsa (since 2014 at least).

So I next decided to contact the forum and I'd appreciate your help on how to proceed.


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Eddie, Please don't publish your email/address/phone contact here. Edit your post to remove that information.

I would suggest that you install 3.2 over your existing installation as it seems it did not complete. You can get 3.2 here:

If that proves problematic, use the clean-MB tool to remove/reinstall MBAM from your system. The toll will ask you if you want to install MBAM (it will install v3.1). Decline that offer and install 3.2 using the download link above. Here's the mb-clean tool info:


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Hello @edsa, were you able to install 3.2 using the .exe over you existing installation of 3.1? Can you run mbcheck.exe on your machine and provide me the .zip that it produces on the desktop please? Other logs that will help is the Uninstall Logs located in the %temp% directory. The naming scheme for those is as follows: Uninstall Log 2017-08-28 #001.txt.                           Thanks!

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4 minutes ago, edsa said:

What I got on running mb3_check.exe was the file called mb-check-

No zip file

Double click on mb-check- and a small black window should show up. After pressing enter and waiting a few seconds, you should get a zip file on your desktop named mb-check-results.zip. Please upload that zip file

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