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Install and Firefox 52.3.0 crashes

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After  the problem with the Exploit Protection not activating on the last update, which after using mb-clean-, resolved itself, now more problems...

I installed the newest version, and same problem with exploit protection not activating. It starts when windows loads, then turns off. Another interesting aspect is Firefox will not run. It crashes every time I try to start it. Its crash reporter pops up, over and over. IF i shut down MB, it runs fine. If I start MB after starting it, Firefox shuts down. Wow. Since I will not access any website without MB activated, I uninstalled the new one, used mb-clean- again, and installed the last version mb3-setup-cb.NT- Of course doing the computer restart between each step. I am using XP SP3. Of course, you loose all the exclusions as usual... I take a screen capture of them each time so I have the list handy. It would be GREAT to have an export just for that.

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  • Root Admin

Hello @Sparky_2020

I would need to get a new set of logs please, so that we can review what might be going on.

Please read and follow the directions from below and post back the requested zip file of logs.


Thank you



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  • Staff

Topic reopened by request.


We have become aware of an issue with Firefox and Windows XP, with Malwarebytes 3.2.2 self-protection enabled.

On the Settings tab > Protection subtab > look for "Enable self-protection module" and move the slider to Off.

A reboot should not be necessary. Let me know if this allows Firefox to run.

Our observations are that as long as Firefox is launched before self-protection is enabled, Firefox will work without crashing for that session. If you were to close Firefox with self-protection enabled, and try to launch Firefox again with self-protection still enabled, based on my observations, Firefox will crash again.

This is  a workaround and not a solution. Our Engineering team is working on the issue. The date for a fix to this issue has yet to be determined.


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Excellent :) I appreciate the response. I used your newest mb-clean-, and reinstalled mb3-setup-consumer- The problem with the exploit protection not activating is not a problem any more. My self-protection functions close to how you described it. If I turn self-protection off, and start FF, then activate it again, it forces FF to close, showing the FF crash popup. Thanks again :)

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Yes, I did a few restarts, and power cycles to be sure. One more interesting point your techs will have fun with... If FF is running, and I try to turn on self-protection, MB locks up on the screen the instant I hit the SP button. It wont go away unless I bring up Task Manager -> Applications -> select MB and 'End Task'. It does not shut down the program, just gets the lockup up window off my  screen. I can see this part of the same problem. I think it is trying to close FF, and it cant. This is not what it was doing before.

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