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upgrade for Mac version

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I tried to upgrade my program for Mac and on the purchase page it seemed that the license was for 1-10 devices. I paid for it and on the invoice it set 1 device. I called the number listed(?Cleverbridge) and they were unable to find that I had purchased the upgrade. I did not receive any confirmation -mail from them with a reference number and my card was not charged. They were pretty disorganised. They could not tell me if the license was for only one device or several. Could you clarify the device issue. I would really like to keep the real time monitoring of the paid product. I have four different Mac devices so would like to know how to keep them all covered.Thanks for your help.

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It sounds like something failed and the transaction didn't go through. It's anybody's guess what that might have been... a network connectivity issue on your end, a problem somewhere on Cleverbridge's end, or something somewhere in between.

In any case, regarding the licenses, you simply choose how many devices you want to purchase for on the store page. So, if you're looking to protect 4 Macs, you'd set that to 4.

By the way, note that our software only works on Windows, Mac or Android, not on iOS. This means that you can't run Malwarebytes on an iPhone or iPad at this time. It is currently not possible to create anti-virus software for iOS, due to restrictions in the system. So, don't make the mistake of purchasing for an iPhone or iPad! Also, make sure that all your Macs are running macOS 10.10 or later. Malwarebytes for Mac does not run on earlier systems.

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IOS antivirus does not exist but some software houses develop protection apps from harmful web content and limitation of websites that are categorized by the user amongst the intended categories. For example, it is possible to block websites containing naked images, pedophilia, alcohol, drugs, weapons, phishing, gambling, and other similar malicious sites and even adblocks. It would not be bad if Malwarebytes produced such a app for iOS , but calmly: first optimize the version for macOS then well come iOS

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