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Have others posted firewall inop since ?

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I have a Lenovo laptop that just lost its firewall since I did a MWB clean install of about two weeks ago.  I have used msc.svc to attempt turning firewall on without success.  It is a Windows 8.1 with Intel i7 processor and is 2 years old.

I have a HP laptop that lost its firewall PRIOR to making a clean install of a few weeks ago that had the most current version of MWM prior to it having installed.  It had been without firewall for a few months. It went in to the shop for examination yesterday. This HP is Windows 10 that replaced Windows 8 last year.  It is with Intel i7 processor and is 3 1/2 years old. 

I have for the last few years obsessively checked/updated intra-day MWB between auto-updates while using these computers.  I really don't think either computer has been infected. 



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Hello @deucy14

Malwarebytes 3.x does not have a Firewall component/layer.

There have been a few posts in the past were Malwarebytes would not work as a 3rd Party Firewall would be blocking some of its services/files. However adding rules to the Firewall should fix these kinds of issues.

I am not aware of the recently released Malwarebytes product making a 3rd party or Windows Firewall inoperable.

However if you want us to check some logs please follow the forum post below and send us the logs:

Thank you.

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Nikhils....TY a lot !  Because I gave the computer to a repair location, it is peace of mind they are not pounding their heads against the wall for something that relates to MWB.

Your quick response is very helpful as a "process of elimination" piece of info.  

Again....thank you very much !


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Computer repair shop where I left the HP laptop yesterday I brought home today with it having been repaired.  The registry relating to the firewall had some missing data in some registry key/s.  I asked how could this happen and he said lots of ways; even widows downloaded updates have made this occur., he says.  Which may explain why had two laptops out, but that is hard to believe for a few reasons.  First I think it would have been a big crowd of us affected.....lol....right ?   And secondly both computers were actively being used and one had the problem for a few months while the other just occurred. 

I have had discussions on this site about using registy cleaners.  I have only used CCleaner.  The personal legacy for my is DON'T use the registy cleaner in CCleaner unless you really know what you are deleting.


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