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So check this out ..

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I started a custom scan, maxed settings and on all drives.

So I went to work and hours later came back.

Scan not finished. Few hours later, still not finished. I started to think, what the actual censored is wrong here.

I take a look, I see it seems to be scanning an absolutely ridiculous folder of itself.


Which contains a gazillion files. All 2KB in size, and it actually takes a second to scan each file.

( Which in itself is very slow, and yes before you ask my AV is not blocking things or anything, and no I dont have a slow ass system)

It just spend half a day scanning its down database? Or so it seems anyways.




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29 minutes ago, nikhils said:

Hello @Xycon

Can you please follow the forum post below and post the logs:

Thank you


yeah .. i could do all that, but it would be a waste of my time

i want to know why those 289k files are even there to begin with, let alone take forever to be scanned

is that how the database is setup? is that even supposed to be the database?

if so, its the worst form of database management i have ever seen in any AV antimalware/antispyware etc.





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I see .. and are there any setting to stop these useless files from being created?

I just opened a few of them in notepad for the heck of it.


I like that MBAM stops them and all, but I really dont want this cluttering crap being created every time.

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