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Adwcleaner Beta weird found


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Hello ive decided to check on my system again as i had a weird problem that avira servicehost didnt start by itself when booting my pc
so here are the results of my first adwcleaner scan in the picture titled "adw1" well i then proceded to delete them and restart my computer.
after this i checked again and what was found can be seen in the picture titled "adw2" so.... 2 of the things adwcleaner found just resisted the deleting try and persisted so i deleted them again and rebootet another time and finally it seems that everything got deleted as you can see in the picture titled adw3

now the question is,what exactly were those founds? why did 2 of them "survive" the first try of deleting them? possible these 2 were connected to the other 2 and got "protected" somehow?
and the final question: why do i even have anything with the name "internetexplorer" on my computer? this computer never had IE installed in the first place

id be thankful for any explanation and/or help to "solve" what these founds actually were

Edit: after the reboots avire servicehost actually started by itself and i didnt have to do it manually but i dont know if this is connected with the adwcleaner founds as i also re installed avira today so this couldve been the solution aswell.

Edit2: possible that the "low rights" registry entries needed to be deleted first to even achieve deleting the other 2? i mean it worked in the second try




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Internet Explorer is part of the system, you cannot uninstall it.

1 hour ago, fleks717 said:

now the question is,what exactly were those founds? why did 2 of them "survive" the first try of deleting them?

It's hard to say what exactly happened, but it can take several tries sometimes.

Best regards,

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