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Cannot find where to renew my annual subscription.

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Basic inquiry = Where do I go to renew my annual subscription - when ALL MWB info has been removed from my computer (except last years invoice with REF & invoice numbers).???


When my computer came back from the repair man today...I noticed the Malwarebytes desk icon was gone....I went in to retrieve it, only to find the entire program was removed....The only bit of MWB info left was last years invoice...on which I noticed my subscription was due to be renewed 2 days ago (While my computer was in getting repaired)....I wanted to renew my subscription right now... but I don't know how to....I can't remember how I've renewed it in the past - whether I've been reminded and had link provided?? - or - I've checked on the "Dash Board" thing??....and I can't find a link anywhere to do it......I've even tried to go into the "My Account" link on here...by saying "lost password"...but I must hooked up to my other email address...and now I can't find where I found the "My Account" area, so I can try my other email address......I'm sorry for all this - I probably sound like a complete dill - and I am when it comes to this sort of thing....I'm so desperate to get back on-line,  that I don't care who see's all this....I haven't had the computer for a week.

Thanks in advance.


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Thank you Telos for trying to help me....I tried the link you suggested....unfortunately for me it still wont allow me access....Over the years I've forgotten which email I used when I first bought into MWB - so - I've just tried both (also clicking on the "forgotten password")....For the 1st email I tried, it said = "This email is not linked to your account" - so - I tried the next email...then it said "You have not started an account".....I've got a gut feeling my computer repair guy has removed ALL MWB info. = <<sigh>>.

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Hi Cleatus....It seems I'll have start all over again / buy a new package - I've lost ALL my MWB info, except last years invoice....I'll click the "renew automatically" next time....I think a reminder used to pop up other years....but with my computer not working... and in the repair shop at the exact same time as my yearly subscription was due = I missed that chance, to be directed to the right spot to renew......and now I can't find where to go....Oh well - I live and learn.

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