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SuperAntiVirus found 486 threats: 2 different Folders found

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We bought this Dell Inspirion Laptop about a year ago at a local Fred Meyer. I just noticed when I ran SuperAntiVirus it found some 486 Threats. When I clicked the 'Remove Threats' button I noticed that /Fred Meyer/ was listed in all the threats. However I couldn't quite see the path.

I also now just noticed when I go to File Explorer. I see two different paths to "My Documents".

One path shows: C/Users/fred meyer/Documents
The other path shows: C/This PC/Documents

I checked the files in some of the folders and they are the same and tested trying to delete a Document out of the Fred Meyer path but noticed it was also removed from C/This PC/Documents path as well. Or on the same note, if I add a folder or Document to C/This PC/Documents, it also get added to the fred meyer/Documents folder.

Can this be part of the 486 threats and how can I fix this? Every few days I am getting quite a number of threats detected..

Thanks in advance for any help...

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