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Malwarebytes with Kaspersky Security OK?

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I've been using Malwarebytes Premium on our 3 computers for a while, with our current licence valid until January 2018. Alongside this, I've been using Windows Defender. This combo has seemed to work fine in protecting us. However, this week I had an 'incident,' through my own carelessness: I quickly checked my email before leaving early on Thursday, dealt with a couple, and saw an email that I had been expecting from a trusted source. The email had a .pdf attached, but when I hit the symbol to open it, instead of doing so, it led me to a screen to sign into another program (default was Office 365, but there was a long list...). I started to login to Gmail, then realized that this was a mistake. I don't think there was any damage, except that it sent this .pdf email to everyone in my contact list. A few hours later, I started to receive emails from people telling me about this fact. No one actually started to open the email (like I did), most just said, "it didn't look like something you'd send, so I just deleted it."  One person told me that his anti-virus told him it was a hacking attempt. I hadn't received any security pop-ups, and so I asked him what he used. Told me he had free versions of Malwarebytes, CC Cleaner, and had a paid version of Kaspersky Total Security (which is what alerted him). (FYI, when I got home I did a Malwarebytes scan and a Windows Defender off-line deep scan.)

I'd appreciate a comment on a couple of points:

  • Is it possible that either Malwarebytes or Defender just missed giving a real-time alert because it didn't have the definitions for this in it's database? 
  • I'm going to keep Malwarebytes regardless, but if I was to disable Windows Defender and install Kaspersky Total Security, would both these programs be compatible to run side-by-side without problems? And hopefully offer more protection?

I have no one to blame except myself for not thinking things through Thursday AM because I was in a rush. But still, I'd like to do what I can to make things as secure as possible. Thanks!


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Hello and Welcome...

Sorry about the mess you got into...  for what its worth, Kaspersky and MB3 should get along just fine, sometimes exceptions need to be added to both to avoid conflicts.  When you install Kaspersky, it will actually disable Windows Defender for you.

As for your Windows Defender and MB3 missing the PDF file... its the job of your AV in this case to catch the PDF file.  MB3 would have caught it if it attempted to download something (like a payload for example).  KIS and MB3 would be a good combo to have.

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Thanks, Firefox, 

I was pretty sure that Defender should have hit the alarm, but thanks for the confirmation. Kaspersky has a free trial period available, so I may just install it on 1 computer and see if there are any problems before I purchase it. And---to quote my wife---"You won't be stupid enough to do THAT again when you're in a hurry!"

Again, thanks for your comments!



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Thanks for the additional comment. I did some reading from various sources about antivirus programs (both free and paid), and decided for now to download  the free Kaspersky antivirus and see how it plays with Windows 10 and Malwarebytes. Had it on for a little time now, while I did some surfing of news sites to look at Texas flood info, and everything seems to be happy.

Again, thanks for the comments!

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