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Upgrading from v3.1 to 3.2

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Very satisfied user of, component package version 1.0.160 here who dutifully checks for updates on a daily basis. I recently became aware of the most current version. What's puzzling is that I've never seen or received a notice or alert of the newer version, which leads me to believe that in order to get the upgrade the user is required to manually download and install it, that it isn't done automatically within the program.

Is this the case?


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5 minutes ago, tonguetwister said:

Is this the case?

Program updates are "metered" eventually out over time. You would have been notified eventually. We meter our in-app upgrades, so it's quite possible when you try to manually Install Application Updates from the Settings > Application tab, none were available at the time of the check.

Our update process in 3.0 is way better than what we had with 2.x, even with our metering in place. Database updates come out multiple times a day and users get those as soon as they do a check, we only meter our Component Updates (larger background updates) and our Application Updates (the ones where you have to click on the installer to install).  For users who want the latest updates immediately, we make them available for a download.

A lot of software stages it's rollouts like this to help handle support requests or try to catch issues that may arise. Your phone does this, Windows does this, and lots of other security vendors do this.

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12 minutes ago, Porthos said:

With all of the new improvements,  I  would just download and install the new version over the top.

I just took your advice and downloaded and installed 3.2.  No problems at all.  Worked fine.  Looking fwd to the better MBAM protection in 3.2.

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