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Test file for Anti-Malware and/or Anti-Exploit


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Well, unfortunately, MB didn't pick up on any of them, but it could be because my AV blocked them immediately.  I would've expected MB to alert as well though.  One of them neither AV or MB caught, which is also good to know.  Still looking for a controlled file I can download that is known to trigger a MB alert.

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Hi @lcpeery, you can test the Anti-Malware malicious file real time function (test-trojan, test_PUP) and Anti-Exploit (mbae-test) with the following zipped tools – https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/2ae222kt1ogv41emx1ehgnq8d9stgiue

Password = mbam

The real time web blocker can be tested by going to – http://iptest.malwarebytes.org/ - on the endpoint.

To test that the scanner is looking in certain areas during scheduled scans, you can copy and paste the test-trojan and test_PUP into different directories and perform a scan.


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I Have been testing Malware bytes Anti Malware(v with the above threat mentioned files. Though the files are getting detected and caught by Malware bytes Anti Malware, there is no syslog data sent for that. 

I have Anti exploit and Anti Malware installed on the same hosts. Syslog messages are obtained for Anti Exploit But not for Anti Malware.

Is this a product bug?

I am using a licensed trial version.

Also the http://iptest.malwarebytes.org/ does not work. I don't think website blocking works in general based on my observation with wicar website.

Any advice is appreciated 

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