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My Android device is rooted. The latest (premium trial) version of MalwareBytes notifies me of this. It's an understandable warning the first time it appears, and could be useful for a user who was not aware that their device was rooted. But the notification appears repeatedly, more than once an hour. That is less useful.

Is there a way to prevent the notification from recurring? Is there something in my set up (other than the fact that my phone is rooted) that causes this notification to recur?

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I've same experience. I rooted my phone myself to improve the security of my phone with firewall, backupsoftware (titanium backup ) etc. And now Malwarebytes think that they have to warn me for rooted device about every hour. This is very annoying. Please add option to stop these repeating notifications. And also check the Dutch translation. Translating "rooted" into "verankerd" is a bulshit translation. Simply use the word 'root'.
Please solve this annoyance as son as possible.

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Thanks for feedback.

Our reason to show about this notification is to inform user for auto-rooting malware. In the wild, there are some malware which can auto root (by tricking user), because of that we inform user if his device is rooted. If that's a change not-done by user, then user can take an action.

We added kind of a "mute" button, it'll be available in the coming version. Thanks.

Also thanks @Klipper for Dutch translation recommendation.

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