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How can I Upgrade to version

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Having found these instructions: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1043  Which are pretty darn good, I've done a backup of our database and etc. Only problem is where I get the latest version at. I did contact cleverbridge support and was emailed all of our purchase information.

Awesome... click the link next to reference and it took me to where I could download version 1.7 of the management console. From September 12 2016.

I'd really like to upgrade to the latest version of management console as we're on and clients on I'm pretty sure I need to do upgrade packages as well for the clients.

Step 3. " Download the latest version of Malwarebytes Endpoint Security from your confirmation e-mail." Is the issue.

Help please!

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23 hours ago, alexl010 said:

Had to reinstall and "deploy" all of the clients again to get them to report to the new installation.  

@alexl010 That's part of the upgrade steps, performing a new push is required to update the clients after installing the new console version. And as always, perform a DB backup as stated in the upgrade steps to be able to easily recover and attempt the upgrade again if something goes wrong.

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