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Setting up an account at malwarebytes.com

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Some time ago I purchased Malwarebytes Premium but never set up an account at malwarebytes.com via the welcoming email.  I no longer have that email address, but now I would like to set up an account.  I cannot find any link on the website for creating an account.  If someone knows of a link, would you please share?  I have not contacted the company yet, but that may be the next step.  Thanks for your help!  

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14 hours ago, Telos said:

The universal account login/setup URL is:


That link allows you to log in if you already have an account but you can't create a new user account. I'm guessing that a user account is only created if the user is paying annually and that there isn't one for a lifetime licence - or have I got that wrong? My Premium licence is lifetime and I don't remember ever having an account set up.

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Hi , i had a same problem here ,

i had two lifetime license for Malwarebytes , but not buying from official , but already confirm it's legal by customer support service .


And when i update to version 3.2.2 ,

there is a new option for " My account " in license page ,

when i press it and turn to the official website and try to login , it's say " Unable to find user information associated with your subscription  " ,

seems the Malwarebytes account are different with Malwarebytes official forum account ?


I can't login【My account】with forum member account ,

also i can't find any sign up option on webpage ,

what should i do now ?


Thanks .

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31 minutes ago, dcollins said:

For my account issues, you'll need to reach out to the support desk at https://secure.livechatinc.com/licence/8473103/open_chat.cgi?groups=1

They should be able to tie all your information together

Thanks .


I will create a support ticket for it soon :)

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 @dcollins @nikhils @bdubrow @AdvancedSetup  ....... 
I get the same problem as Kevin and Prettyclaire above, my original email account is lost and I have no access to it, - i have lifetime license for Malwarebytes, but also I have Forum account and I have email account where i get newsletter from Malwarebytes .
P.S. I can't remember what happen with my original email account - it was some years ago - I think is the same email like my forum account and my newsletter account email - but when I try to log in with my Program - I can't !!!  

And when i try again to tipe it, is the same - I can't Log In !!!
 ....... So after a few attempts I'm sure it's not the same email address  (email account)  like my forum account and newsletter email account.
How to make an account on:  my . Malwarebytes . com ???
Please Help !
Thanks !

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