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Malwarebytes only "opens" in Safe Mode

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Dcollins- I was typing the following as you entered your last reply- I think it answers your inquiry, let me know :)


Just for awareness- After I went through the last suggestion and replied,  I performed a clean uninstall. Ran through the uninstall using Revo uninstaller and also then took the extra step and went and manually deleted every single mbam/malwarebytes related reg key and double checked for any remaining files. Rebooted, reinstalled, same issue. Also take notice that the tray icon will not appear either. 

I have other machines MB runs fine on and like I said it was not until after 3.0.6 that I had this issue. It is really perplexing. Nothing showing up in the MS event vwr app logs. The app is not crashing so therefore no crash dumps...



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Thanks for the dump file, unfortunately everything is running properly according to that. Let's try this:

  1. Reboot to Safe Mode
  2. Open MB3
  3. Under Settings -> Application, turn on Event Log Data
  4. Reboot back to normal mode
  5. Wait 5 minutes for everything to finish loading
  6. Verify the tray icon is missing still
  7. Double click the desktop icon for MB3
  8. Wait 30 seconds
  9. Run mb-check from https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3_check and upload the new zip file it creates on your desktop
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 There is a problem of some sort as you now have multiple reports of the same exact issue in 3.1.x and now 3.2.x. Troubleshooting in this method is never a good use of time for the user after say the 3rd back and forth of trying different switches within the software and sending logs. This piece of software only has but so many variables the user can affect.  I do appreciate your efforts and what it is that you have to do, but for now I have bowed out and reverted back to wherein I have no issue in usability. In fact, that is where your sustaining engineers need to look- the code changes between that version and 3.2 that ask the OS for proper UI permissions. I will review the forum and watch for the (hopeful) forthcoming fix. Thank you!

P.S. Also as of yesterday, WeTransfer says the files I uploaded were never downloaded. 


Two days to save your transfer!

Hmm, it looks like your files haven't been downloaded yet, and this transfer will be deleted on 2 September, 2017.


If you want to make these files available for longer, then please upgrade to a WeTransfer Plus account. Plus users can choose their own delete date, or remove it all together.



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Strange, I definitely downloaded them. However we have one more thing you can try which has bene working for a lot of users. There's an infection that is causing this issue, and the easy way to check if it's on your system and remove it is to install the latest version, reboot into Safe Mode, and run a scan with rootkit scanning enabled. I'd give that a try, as we're seeing this become more common

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