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False Positive - MB is deleting my BAT files

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Several years ago I wrote a small .BAT file to back up my PC to a USB drive.  The last time I ran it MB called it ransomware, and quarantined it.  I had a backup copy on a USB drive.  I ran that, and MB did the same thing attain.  Is this file really ransomware?  If so, how does MB know?  If not, how can I tell MB to stop deleting the file? 

I'm attaching the file in question (zipped) and a test file with the scan result.  

I have MB






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Hi DFB721,

Thank you for the report. This does indeed appear to be a false-positive.

Please could you download and run our ARWLogs diagnostic tool using the link below: https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/fpbjgxi0cp1feswku3a5d3c92iggv9rp

This will create a ZIP file on your Desktop. Please attach this in your next reply.

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I ran the BAT file again, and it failed again.  

I ran the diagnostic you requested.  It produced a file of 81.08 mb.  When I attempted to attach it to this e-mail, I received an error message that I was only allowed to attach files up to 29.3 mb.  

Thanks for working on this.  It's still a problem.  




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