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Router Issues


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I posted this over at my AV's web forum, but they don't seem to reply to most questions and the phone assistance wasn't much help either. I'm wondering if anyone else has ever encountered anything like this or knows what might be causing it. I'd figure I'd post here because I've received knowledgeable help here in this section before.

Every time I connect my computer to the internet, a part of my AV software makes a few quick connections to my router on a few ports, lasting only seconds. I always assumed this was either security related or it trying to discover if other devices were connected. But a few nights ago I lose internet connectivity right after the AV software checks for updates. It automatically reconnects and the connections to the router are there. I shut the router down for the night, and the next day the connections to the router stop. A week later, still, everyday no connections.

I log into my router, nothing seems amiss,  I did the Shields Up and Speed Guide scans all coming up clear. All MB scans come up clear. I posted in the MB Removal forum and that was all clear. I use the restart button on the back of the router, and now it's connecting again.

I've always been worried about my security online, and this incident has really got me really worried. Does this sound like an error or bug of some sort, or does it sound like the router might have been attacked? I'm not on a wifi router, completely wired and I have remote administration turned off, latest firmware installed.

If I'm not being clear enough, I'll gladly provide any other info you may need. Thanks in advance.

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Hello, last night I may have figured out what went wrong, but another issue sprang up.

I believe the AV software and router lost communication somehow. Every time I went to the "My Network" section before resetting the router, it wouldn't have any information about the router, just the computer. Now it shows router information. When I click refresh to find all connected devices, it makes those same connections that were missing before. So all seemed good..

Then I notice a device in the list simply titled "unknown device." To make it even stranger, it's local IP and MAC address are exactly the same as my PC. I can mark it as intruder, but sometimes when I hit refresh again, it marks my PC as an intruder. I can't figure what or where this device is or is coming from. I'm on a wired connection, connected by ethernet and the router is about a foot away from the computer so it's not like anything is in between. I'm not sure if it's an error or glitch of some sort.

So one problem solved, another one pops up.

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