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Upgrading to premium thanks to Aura

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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to give a shout out to Aura for helping me solve a computer issue. Aura spent 2 weeks with me going back and forth helping me pinpoint exactly what infected my computer. After my computer was cleaned my task manager wouldn't open due to some permission change the malware caused. Aura was able to reproduce the problem on their end and eventually create an update in malwarebytes which resolved my issue.

Based on skimming through some topics Aura has helped countless people. I'm not sure who is monitoring these feedback forums, but please recognize Aura for everything they have done if you haven't already. In fact I'm upgrading to premium based on the service I received from Aura.

Thank you again Aura!!

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Hi Ivo :)

All the credits goes to @picasso for finding the fix for the Task Manager issue ::) And Malwarebytes for adding the detection for it in their program :) It was also added to FRST, so when it scans a system, if it detects that the PCW driver is disabled, it'll automatically set it to start up on boot (which is the default value). This was what caused the Task Manager to crash.


In fact I'm upgrading to premium based on the service I received from Aura.

Good decision! :) Now you won't have to live in fear of being infected with SmartService again (and many other infections for that matter, it's a win-win!).

Thank you for your nice feedback Ivo, these are always appreciated and only motivates me to keep doing what I'm doing here!

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