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Updater Needs Updating

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Due to intermittent WiFi Internet connection problems (not solved, alas, but not the concern of this forum,) on 11Aug2017, I noticed a Malwarebytes message that the updater could not reach the server, which led me to notice that my net connection was not working. I reestablished the connection, and a while later opened MWB to see if its updater was working again, which it was.

Having opened MWB, I saw that my subscription would expire in 27 days, so I clicked on the renewal button, which took me to the web site that stated that my cost was for for one device,  of MWB. As I have a single license which covers two devices, I opened a ticket to ask why this was. My request was accepted, and I got a reply email soon after I had sent it; that reply said that " A support agent will get back to you shortly to address your request...". Yesterday, as I had not received any such contact, and as I felt that 15Augt2017 was more than shortly after my submission, even taking into account the intervening weekend,  I sent a reply asking if I might receive an answer to my original question. As of 1005 on 16Aug2017, I have yet to receive any reply, so I still don't know why MWB shows only the license for one device, nor how to renew my two-device license.

In addition, having opened MWB today, 16Aug2017, I was puzzled to see that my subscription will expire in twenty-four days, five days after it was shown to expire in twenty-seven days.

Apparently, the MWB updater system needs some updating, so as to provide correct information.



I logged off of the forum, and noticing that I had new email, I found one new message, which was from  MWB, stating that my license is still for two computers, despite what the renewal site shows. I shall, therefore, renew and see if I can use the renewal for both machines. Now, if  only the MWB agent had known to contact me before I  posted this message....

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