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Unfortunately I don't think it's possible for our web blocking feature to work with a VPN because the way we detect malicious connections is through identifying the server being connected to and checking it against our block list/database.  When using a VPN, the only server we can see is that of the VPN itself since all browsing would go through the VPN provider's servers so the only way for us to detect the connections to malicious sites at that point would be for us to be installed on the VPN provider's servers which is unfortunately not possible without the VPN provider installing Malwarebytes on their VPN servers.

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On 8/16/2017 at 9:46 PM, Aura said:

Antivirus uses MiTM in order to inspect web traffic (by adding their own certificates on the system). This isn't something Malwarebytes does. It can also lead to security issues and various problems.

That's true, we do not install our own security certificates nor do we modify any existing ones (I've noticed Kaspersky does this and it actually caused problems for me recently when I was testing their product forcing me to turn off that particular protection/feature).  It is likely that the best we could do would be to develop a plugin that installs within the web browsers for a system, however we've avoided that approach in the past because it isn't universal/compatible with all systems/browsers etc. and doesn't account for malicious traffic that might occur outside of the browser.

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