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Version 0.55 Beta released

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(ADDED) Scheduling options which will be available with the monitor.

(ADDED) /quickscan switch for scheduling.

(ADDED) /update switch for scheduling.

(ADDED) Finalized multi-language implementation. Language settings.

(ADDED) FileASSASSIN functionality under More Tools.

(ADDED) Handle closing code to module handler.

(FIXED) Minor optimizations in scanning code.

(FIXED) Installer sets language correctly now.

(FIXED) Changed module handler function to __stdcall.

(FIXED) Altered the way MBAM loads manifest files.

(FIXED) Changed location of installation directory.

It is suggested that you uninstall and then install the latest version. Please use the built in updater. It will download the latest installer into C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes. Remove it and copy it to your desktop. Uninstall Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 0.54 Beta and delete the directory C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes. Now install the latest version. These steps will not need to be taken on any other versions, only due to the changed location of the new installation directory.

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ok i updated to build 0.55 and did not let it finsh installing and took out mbam-setup to tesktop and uninstalled the last buld ran ccleaner to cleanup and installed build 0.55 all went well i see under more tools there is now fileassassion and under settings there is scheduling i did a quick scan and all is ok :D

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Great. Followed the steps perfectly =). It appears the settings from the old install were saved, so it will keep installing to the old directory unless you uninstall it first. Glad it works on more than one system. I will be adding more tools soon.

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