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We currently have Endpoint Security and are trialing Endpoint Protection.  With Endpoint Security, users are able to launch Malwarebytes from their Start menus and run their own scans.  I don't see this option with Endpoint Protection.  I downloaded the 64-bit Endpoint Agent Installer Only and it shows the computer on the cloud, but doesn't show a Start menu option to load Malwarebytes and run my own scans.  Is this a feature available with Endpoint Protection?  Do I need to download more than just the 64-bit Endpoint Agent Installer or does that give me the Anti-Malware software, Anti-Exploit software, etc?

I tried downloading the Malwarebytes 3.0 from the list of downloads, however, it asked me for a premium license code.

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.

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Hi @BenCunn, the cloud product has no UI for the endpoints at this time. The 3 products you are familiar with; MBAM, MBAE and MBARW, that are all separate pieces with MBES are combined into one footprint with MBEP, there is no need to download and run anything else. Everything about how the program runs, what protections are enabled, scan schedule etc, is controlled by the settings and policies within your cloud console portal. Licenses are controlled by the account email you set up, it doesn't use a license key like the consumer side, you cannot use the consumer MB3 with a cloud trial or purchase.

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